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We went to have a look at the reopened Dome yesterday, with, it seemed half the population of South London. We'd not been before.

Although you can see the Dome from most of South London, when you get there it's actually smaller than expected. It's still pretty big though. There is a 20,000 setter arena in the middle with a double row of shops and restaurants round the outside. About a third of this was open yesterday and each food outlet had about a 35 minute wait for lunch.

There were three locations round the Dome showing stuff, Balinese punk hairdressers, dinosaurs on stilts, jugglers out of Roman Holiday and dancers on bungees. Some of this stuff was fun but it took about 5 minutes to see it. However it took about 30 minutes to walk the hundred yards or so between locations. There were just far too many people in the building.

So we left and had lunch in Greenwich instead and a shufty round the market and bookshops. We even managed not to buy any books.

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