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The Balance Restored

There's a new issue of robin_d_laws'</span>  Page XX on the Dying Earth website, and with it my adventure prosaically called 'The Balance Restored. I fancied having a go at the darker Turjan level this time and so devised a scheme in which the PCs are so terribly set-up that they have little choice but to pull together and sort things out.

This smacks perhaps a bit of railroading but it's pretty hard to avoid some measure of that in a one session game for strangers. On the other hand, I don't think the players will have to force themselves to join in. I prefer to think of it as tight scripting, which is less of a sin if not overdone.

Turjan level is harder to do because the game is less about humour and more about power and how to get it. This means reading all the rules and knowing the ins and outs of spell combinations and player tricks. It's not something I'm terribly used to doing, I prefer a lighter touch, and much less rules. But I'm keen to see if it works out so I'll probably give it a run out at SteveCon or OddCon in the next month or so.


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