gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Not very Live Earth

I didn't watch much of this but Paula did and it seemed that Melissa Etheridge was the most engaged with the message. This is what I've found about her performance on the top two hits on Google News:

From Reuters
The leisurely cable broadcast let viewers watch the full sets of several performers, but the NBC telecast held artists to just one number, sometimes less. On NBC, Melissa Etheridge introduced concert hero Al Gore. He then thanked Etheridge for her music, none of which made the three-hour telecast.

From the National Review
6:45: Second song, remarkably indistinguishable from the first. More ranting and raving. “You’re gonna tell your children’s children about how we almost lost democracy.” Thanks Melissa, I’ll forego parenting advice from someone who chose an alcoholic walrus to father her child. Seriously, she just WON’T STOP. Speaking of stopping an unjust war, as a journalist being forced to listen to this I’m beginning to think this is my personal Vietnam. Not to trivialize the experience of veterans, but my father’s a Marine and I’m pretty confident he would have called in an airstrike by now.

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