gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Excellent Day

I took a day off work yesterday. From 10am until 6pm I was at simonjrogers's. He's revived his twenty five year old AD&D campaign, with the original players and I've been lucky enough to get a space at the table.

This is the second session and so far it's been an unadulterated joy. Fresh fruit and rare roast beef may have replaced crisps and pizza but it was a plunge straight back into what made gaming so exciting when I was younger.

We're playing 18+ level characters, many of whom rule kingdoms and are touting artifacts but simonjrogers has cooked up the exact kind of scenario needed with political intrigue, a fair amount of behind the scenes skullduggery and extreme violence.

And then there are the kind of moment that makes a game stick in your memory for a long while. We get several of these each game. These are a pick of yesterday's:

- Our Assassin has a sword that on a 20 kills and absorbs the HPs of it's target. On a 17-19, it can discharge any number of these into the target and add that to the damage. It can store 500hps. He had 460 stored and got a 20 which took him up to 550. This was enough to give the sword the balance of power in the relationship and so it animated and went for him. Our wildmage cast a spell which allows for one reroll from the previous round. So the Assassin rerolled and got ... 20! It took an antimagic sphere, a failed magical resistance roll and several summoned monsters as targets to make the sword safe again.

- We fought the simulacra of a level 30 magic user, so he was only around level 18 or so. He was standing in a prismatic sphere with a staff of meteor swarm and two medusas in ambush by the door. The assassin charges in hits the first medusa and does 30ish damage with his first attack, enough to kill her. The second blow is a 20 taking out the other medusa (he's multiclassed fighter). He then charges the prismatic sphere, madly happy to take 70 damage and 4 saves against various kinds of death. Unknown to him, my declared spell was a limited wish to move the sphere 20' away for one round. He gets to the mage and offs him with another 20. The dead mage goes down in history as Kazin the surprised.

- We find another simulacra in the capital city of a PC's realm. We take him and his hard bodyguards down. Another use of wildmagic is required to avoid a natural 20 vorpal attack on the assassin. Then the population of the city are treated to their 23rd level cleric Queen, looting the bodies in the street. What were the city guard up to at this point? Bedding out plants and filling potholes because the city looked a bit untidy.

I spent the evening in the company of many Cthulhu gamers and Adam Scott Glancy who was visiting from Seattle. ASG got the drinks at the pub and we got him a pretty decent India at the Malabar in Gt Russell St. We got ASG's tale of how he should have had a shotgun when we investigated the headquarters of but I missed JT's monkey pleasuring tale.

It doesn't get much better and has set me up nicely for Gen Con next month.

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