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3e, but not for much longer.

It's the last session on Monday, for which much thanks.

I'm going to be looking for a new game, something that fulfills these criteria:

  • Crunch
    Although OtE is really my cup of tea, it doesn't work if you want crunch. Some of the players want to really try to build on their characters and go places. RQ where you can exchange POW for magic items is perfect for this.
  • Non-combat focus
    Doesn't gel too well with the first objective, given that most crunch is combat-focussed. So I guess it'll have to be "less of a combat-focus" instead.
  • Narrativiness
    I want the characters to become more rounded and involved in the background. I want the story to be fraught. I want acting, dammit! You know, if the Hellgate opens and the only way to block is strap yourself over the hole, I don't want bickering and shoving, I want the hero (or the madman, pond823 ) to step forward.
  • A player-driven game
    I want more input on what's going to happen from the players, not just chasing the treasure chest each week.

I got some of this in my d20 CoC game but I felt it was too much driven by me. I enjoyed it, but I want more.

Some of this should be delivered by the system, and some by the background. I feel that character generation is crucial to avoiding loner antisocial PCs who have to be forcibly turned into Paladins to stop the rest of the group from killing them. It's also crucial in getting a game that involves the player backgrounds more. I started to lose interest in our game as we moved away from the backgrounds we had written.

Horror is a good game for what I want but not all the players like it. I could go the Buffy route but there's nothing in the rules that rewards playing your character flaws, and the same for GURPS really. Sorcerer has no crunch and My Life with Master is too niche. HeroQuest sounds like a good plan, but we've been down that route before and it's just too bland for me. And all the relationship stuff is too weak to have enough influence. Pendragon I guess is OK, but I'm not enthused. I do have good memories of playing all the castley stuff, which turned out to be more fun than the "None Shall Pass" bits.

I like Nexus, so maybe I'll build something on to that. I'd like to run a game in a baroque Dying Earthy Paris/Viriconium. The PCs are all decadent artists and the world is falling down. PCs must battle their vices and suffer to produce great works of art. But I might still have to have combat, and +3 brushes of painting!


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