gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Truth, Justice and the thingy way.

We finished our game of Covenant this week and found it works much better with 3 players than it did with 5. Matt Machell's advice is to split the group into smaller groups, some of whom work with the GM and some of whom contest against each other. In any case it went pretty well although in the absence of thefon and simonjrogers, we ganged up on whakiwhyg and put the smack down on him. He ended up with many, many consequences and was lucky the Cardinal was feeling in a good mood. Kudos to Paulo for running a tight game.

I think next week, I'll be running chadu's Truth & Justice, a nifty little superhero game that I hope will not be too hard to get into. I just fancied something a little less angsty than the kind of game we've been running recently so now all I have to come up with is a superhero background that isn't too silly but doesn't require too much homework on my part. We've done noir, in Mortal Coil, so I should probably go with something else. Any ideas?

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