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I've decided on the background for my supers game. It's modern day UK. Superheroes are registered under the Registration of Superpowers Act (1989). They have no police powers, although some do help out in a civilian capability during which time they are exempt from some of the more stringent legislation covering their use of powers, and insurance claims, but only if directed to do so by a Police officer.

Supers are monitored by the Office of Superpowers, widely known as OffSoup, and excluded from the field of battle by a codicil to the Geneva Convention.

The game starts with the characters attending a funeral.

It's Absent's funeral. Of course she's nowhere to be seen, but that's because she in the box being lowered into the ground. At least, we hope so - no one has dared check. There are quite a few of us here today, listening to the minister drone on about salvation but it's not often you see so many police at a funeral. They're not here because they felt anything for Absent, far from it, but to make sure no one tries to kill any more of us. At least that's the charitable line we're trying to believe at the moment.

Absent was MDK's fifth victim, after Giraffe, Robotnik, Tweedle Dee and that junior minister that none of us knew was a super until after he died, and they found he was actually made of four different people. And I guess you might count Tweedle Dum who's been in a PVS since his twin was dropped from the top of Canary Wharf.

So, here we all are, in July, and it's pissing down, which I guess what it always does at funerals in films, so that's OK. Although we're here to pay our respects to Absent, nobody really knew her. It's hard to get to know someone who only ever appears as a glimpse in your peripheral vision. She was married apparently but I've no idea how they managed to communicate, post-it notes? Or have sex? It must have been quick.

Anyway, what everyone is really trying to do is find out how she could have been killed. We know it happened at the fun fair on Clapham Common, and there's a rumour it was in the Hall of Mirrors but the Police aren't letting on, and they're keeping anyone who knows well away from any telepaths.

And MDK? Sounds like a Swedish furniture store but all we've got on this guy is a grainy CCTV image of him standing behind Robotnik with what looks like an EMP generator. And of course, no more images after that. He does leave a message. It's a piece of card marked with a number. He's counting down from 59. 59 is the number of registered supers in the UK. I imagine there are probably more than that but the Act doesn't make for happy reading for anyone who tries to cheat the system. It's a bit more than Community Service or an ASBO.

One of the bastards from the Baker St Regulars, Big Blue Bobby, has started a sweep. He even had the gall to hand out tickets at the funeral. Bastard. I drew Lucky Louis.

We traipse back round into the church hall for sherry and sandwiches. It's a decent spread, or at least was until Billy Whizz got near it. He has to eat his twice weight each day just to keep going. You could make millions from slimmers if you could just find out which bit of his DNA is responsible for his metabolism. But nobody has been able to so far and there are many who think that we're never going to find a scientific explanation for superpowers.

But nobody's thinking deep thoughts at the moment. We're all a little shaken and keeping a nervous eye on each other. After all, MDK could be one of us. In fact, there's a little contretemps between Louis and some other muscle man. Stasis sorts them out, and I check with BBB - only MDK counts for the sweep so I hope LL keeps himself safe. Well, safe-ish.

And what is it with supers and alliteration? It's as if they were all Sun journalists once. In the words of the great Jack Kirby, "Sheesh!"
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