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MDK -1

So we started the game this evening. We've only got two maybe three sessions to play with so it's going to be pretty quick.

The PCs are:
- Lucky Luciano, thefon's recurring boxer from the south (i.e. Peckham). This time he has dodgy underworld connections and drives a van. He's a registered super with powers of Luck, Armour, Regeneration and Strength.

- Jonathon Norme, Paulo's PC, a young stockbroker on the make, he's registered too and has air control and a dodgy shapeshifting power.

- Bill Mickey is WK's heavy metal dwarf, in that he plays in a Death Metal band called, prosaically Dwarves of Death, there are seven of them. He has enormous TK powers

- John Thandie is whakiwhyg's spook. He's a dead guy who phases in and out and can produce bolts of chilling cold.

WK has read the system so turned up with a ready made PC, although I persuaded him not to take Tourette's as a weakness. davidt3001 vampire has already been there. But it's a very quick system for creating characters and not like most other Supers games where you're still wading through options and points costs three hours on. No, we spent under an hour or so minutes explaining the basics of the system and creating the other three characters but we did have two rounds of drinks and dinner at the same time. Even whakiwhyg who says it usually takes him a while to get into the system said he got it straight off.

We're using Truth & Justice by chadu from Atomic Sock Monkey. The basic system is close to Fudge, Over the Edge and Risus. You have 10 levels worth of mundane qualities and six levels of powers. You roll 2d6 and add your modifiers. You can stack two together if applicable, e.g. superspeed and superstrength for taking a running jump.

Abilities are fairly loosely defined and have a penumbra of associated skills. If you're a broker you get contacts in the city, a nice phone and some money in the bank and the same for superpowers. You can specialise with stunts that are particular applications of your skill, so TK can be used to staunch wounds. It's at a minus to the skill but do it enough and spend hero points and you get a healthy bonus.

In fact hero points drive the system. You get them for being heroic but even more for following your motivation. For each award you get a tick and once you have a number of ticks equal to your max hero points, you increase your max by one. You can spend your max as experience to increase qualities and powers.

Hero points can be spent to boost powers, make contacts, reduce damage, get a clue, all the usual sorts of goodness.

In conflicts, the damage comes of your qualities and powers, you choose which get reduced. The first one to take damage indicates a future story hook. So Mickey reduced his Band quality after being shot and so will have a scene in which his band is having problems.

The system is very easy to use and makes fights a breeze. M&M was taking us ages to resolve. Tonight we got through one very quickly and the results were pretty obvious and fun.

The game started at Absent's funeral. The PCs were keen to find out what anyone knew about her death but only managed to find rumours and heresay. Jon chatted up a very nice looking Polish waitress at the wake who had given him a piece of paper. It said "11am Spitalfields" and was signed with a ∞ - the sign of Forever Man. He's the doyen of the hero scene but hadn't been spotted for a while. A few PCs joined in with the sweepstake, Lucky drawing Jon's name. After schmoozing for a bit, they decided to check out the crime scene at the fun fair on Clapham Common. Jon kept the only officer on watch occupied whilst the other snuck in. Some strange plastic residue was found at the base of one of the mirrors.

Jon (spending HPs for a contact and a scene) phoned a friend of his from uni, a research chemist at Imperial College. In exchange for lunch at the Fat Duck - he is loaded, she did some analysis and found it to be bakelite but with some traces of some kind of protein.

Lucky took his piece to his recreational chemist friend in Brixton who melted it down but there wasn't enough for a hit. He did fortuitously notice that it "smells of meat". Bill remarked that this was the name of his group's rivals (1 HP!).

They swung back east and checked out the deserted market, no one there. At 11.15, Forever Man showed up. He started to tell them about the fact that every 100-150 years or so, all the supers are "culled". He didn't know why but he'd somehow managed to survive each time, even if this did mean spending several years trying to get out of a grave. Just as he was about to expound further, the front of his face splattered across Jon, several more bullets took him in the back.

The team leapt into action as Forever Man slumped forwards, dead. Jon threw up a wall of air, Bill launched himself at the unseen attackers, Lucky and Spooky running in too. The next shots hit Spooky, even though he was phased out, Bill took a wound too. With no concern for property values or his own safety, Lucky demolished the shop front above which the assailants were hiding. They both fell many feet to the ground. One becoming impaled on a broken table.

The other assailant, a special team assassin shot Spooky again as he came up through the floor. Jon used his air blast and smashed the bad guy across the floor and into the broken shop front, killing him.

At this point police sirens were heard. Spooky took Forever Man and deposited him in a crypt of the local church, so that he wouldn't have to dig himself out as he recovered. The rest grabbed the dying assassin and hauled him off with his equipment over some railway lines.

Checking out his kit they found the usual untraceable gear, although his gun was a rather nasty flechette firing FN of some kind. The flechettes were tipped with the same strange brown material (named depleted plotonium by thefon, a running joke in our game) found in the Hall of Mirrors, tests showed that this material was somehow unaffected by powers (simonjrogers might have an idea where this is all going).

From here the team called a doctor contact of Lucky's who patched them up, he declared the assassin beyond his abilities but they decided to dump him at Mile End hospital. A police helicopter put an end to their deliberation, they switched off the assassin's phone and scarpered.
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