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Ægyptian ramblings

Ægypt is the title of crowleycrow's four novel series exploring all manner of things esoteric and in particular the notion of a Golden Age in which the laws of magic applied.

Ægypt is also one of the areas of study in chrislehrich's The Occult Mind: Magic in Theory and Practice (of which I've read 16 pages). It's a reference to the Golden Age that was the subject of study and inspiration for Renaissance magacians.

The Existential Cowboy makes reference to the Golden Age in his blog but presents it with Georges Santayana's quote "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it." which pretty much goes the other way.

The Golden Age myth is a paralysing concept that anything and everything we do makes things worse. The only way out of this death spiral, it seems, is to either a)do nothing or b)be saved by some catastrophic event.

Generally the Golden Age was either the original state of the world, as created by some benevolent deity but messed up by humans. In which case human activity can never directly bring about its return but can precipitate said deity into coming back and making things better, when the stars are right.

If the Golden Age was arrived at through human agency then it was spoilt by going too far, by thinking about things too much, by hubris or by jealous people who didn't understand their place in the Golden Age. Invariably this last means the people who weren't particularly happy at not sharing in the benefits of the Golden Age but were nonetheless expected to support it for others, for the natural order of things.

There is not just the Golden Age of the past, but the one to come. This could be Marx's socialist paradise, Bank's Culture, or the New Millenium. The New Millenium is the same as the old one. It's the return to Eden, to the womb where knowledge is meaningless and love is the law.

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