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We finished off Truth & Justice last night. I've not been too well since but I'll try to remember what happened.

Last week, Lucky and Jon were in the hospital room of the injured hitman where they took delivery of a map from the Witches. This showed, in real time, the locations of any holes in their perception, caused by the stuff the bullets were made from.

Spooky was in Bishop Stortford, waiting for a meat delivery van to head off for a pick-up.

Mickey was in Spitalfields, looking for, and not finding, Forever Man's body.

Jon takes on an appearance similar to the hitman, and luckily he had a brother. They talk to him and find out he was in one of three two man teams working for Integra, testing the weapons on a few hapless supervillains borrowed from gaol. He was also responsible for two MDK killings. This was the link needed. Integra is MDK.

Jon, Lucky and Mickey, meet up and lie low in Catford.

Spooky gets lucky and phases through into a van as it leaves for London. He gets out of it as it approaches the no superpower zone round parliament and follows it in a black cab. The van turns to a carpark under Portcullis House. Unfortunately Spooky is actually dead, his phase power is keeping him alive somehow and being in the no power zone he dies and wakes up on a slab in St Thomas' Hospital. He phases out a meets the rest of the team in Catford.

The next day, Spooky remembers that he can the Jubilee Line through Westminster station without dying so they all get a tube and phase off the train just before it gets into the station. Lucky does a bit of diving and roughly locates the base. They go through a door to a shaft with a spiral staircase. Half-way up is a large piece of ventilation machinery. Spooky pokes around and finds a large power cable going through a wall, following this he emerges into a hi-tech changing room. Paydirt!

Mickey TKs through the cable and the no power zone goes down. They pile into the changing room and nick the late shift's labcoats. Spooky checks out the offices and finds that this is some kind of government installation!

The others find a lab, on the way disabling two employees. In the lab, a bruised and scarred man is being held in a strange network of cables, obviously very uncomfortably. It's Lucky's brother. Lucky goes crazy and beats through a glass partition with his bare hands whilst Jon, rather more level headed, deals with the scientists. Lucky's brother is freed and is found to have some kind of negation power, he is the source of the no power zone, but it is also obvious that his body has been subject to experimentation. It's hard to move Lucky's brother because no one can use their powers on or near him. He'll have to be carried.

A hit team arrives and is despatched after a close fight. Jon and Spooky take a few hits. In fact, Jon is running low on power at this point but he still has enough to create an abrasive whirlwind which, with Mickey's help, is used to bore a hole back out into the tube. Unfortunately there's a pressure differential and Jon is sucked out of his hole, but lands well enough (snake eyes!). The tube has been shut down so they climb up stairs into the lower level of Westminster Tube station, just the perfect environment for a super fight. The Forever Man is hiding in the shadows with a gun, he gets a shot off on Jon but Lucky rips his arm off with a thrown crowbar that he bought along "just in case".

Jon uses his blast but is knocked sideways by something invisible. So whilst Lucky closes with Forever Man, Jon and Mickey take on the invisible force. And it's a close run thing. After the battle going one way and the other, Jon can barely move, Mickey is almost out but the Forever Man is broken across the ticket barriers and Invisible paralysed for several days. A large wall of police is moving down to arrest them but with a herculean effort, Mickey paralyses nine of them. The team find their way to the car park and find a Bentley. Lucky takes the wheel and fortunately resembles a chauffeur so not only do they get away, but they get a police escort.

In the meantime, Spooky is getting his hands on anything that looks incriminating and phasing it out, for later collection.

So the team have stopped MDK but it's not clear to the authorities who the heroes and villains are. Even with Forever Man in their clutches, it won't be easy clearing their names. But FM has been around a long time, he's got fingers in many pies and might make them a deal they'd be hard pushed to refuse. But at the moment, they daren't show their faces.
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