gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

And the Silver Ennie goes to - Day 3

Friday was my first work day. I ran four demos, two each of Esoterrorists and Fear Itself. I borrowed heavily from Collective Endeavour, the Forge and the comments made after my Dragonmeet tries. It's now much more focused on the investigation and leads to a moral dilemma. The resulting games I think were a much bettter reflection of what these games are about.

In the afternoon, chilledchimp and I had a go at Tony LB's unfinished Misery Bubblegum, the game of teen romances. Again Alexander played and we had an even better game of love triangles, cheerleaders and nerds. Classy.

I have more loot:
HPL's At The Mountains of Madness, a radio show
A couple of Nodwicks
A press copy of Metal, Magic and Lore
chilledchimp picked up a neat cardgame of duelling archaeologists.
A Silver Ennie award for Yog Radio.

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