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Days 4&5 in no particular order.

I was too tired to post yesterday so here are two days together. I started the day with more demos, pretty much all full. I did one more on Sunday too ,taking the number of players to about 33. With the help from Collective endeavour l've made it much more demonstrative of the game's capabilities. Feedback was positive and sales good too, although having Robin Laws standing 2' away was a bit daunting!

On Saturday afternoon chilledchimp and I had an entertaining game of Don't Lose Your Head, but in the evening we reprised last year's game of Cold City with all but one of the same partipants. It was a dark tale of revenge and betrayal. Marcel my PC gained magical powers but permanent DTs.

We managed to catch-up with davidt3001 and anubisgrrl too but it was all too brief.

Final loot count includes a 64Mbit D&D USB drive handed out at the Ennies, Shock v1.1, OG (Verisimilitude!), and the ashcans Acts of Evil, 44 and kingdom of NOTHING. I also picked WHFRP Dark Heresy demos. I'm not sure Robin believed that they weren't for me.

I got a glimpse of Trail of Cthulhu's first draft and talked it over with A Scott Glancy. With Mutant City Blues also in the pipeline, 2008 is looking good for Pelgrane Press.

And even with all this, there just wasn't enough time to do everything I would have liked.

Now we're outside of Fort Wayne, IN, 140 north of Indianapolis. Gen Con seems a long time ago.

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