gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Pennsylvania, trees and more.

So after a pleasant night in Warren we drove many miles across the Wilds of Pennsylvania. On the recommendation of Marvin at the State tourist office we went to Penn's Caves. The boat trip through the cave was fun and the native animal safari good too.

That evening we got lost in Harrisburg where all the good hotels were full. So we made do with poor food and thin walls (chilledchimp was kept awake by some next door noise).

But today was better. We had a good look round Lancaster with its brick buildings, museum and brilliant Italian bakery. And this afternoon it was Intercourse with Amish and ice cream. We got lost again this afternoon but found a Maize Maze in which we wandered for a good 40 minutes.

And tonight, in Quakerville, we had an excellent meal at the Red Lion Inn.

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