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chilledchimp was a little daunted last night. The hotel is ok but W 57th St isn't particularly salubriuos and we were tired from lugging our bags across town. But all doubts were dispelled this morning. We had a stroll round Central Park with a visit to the small zoo. The Red Pandas, unusually, were out and about and the polar bears looked chilled.

After A quick squizz round FAO Schwarz we trolled down 5th Ave just taking in the sights, Saks, Tiffany's, St Pat's. We had lunch in Trump Tower and took in the glorious Grand Central Station. So much of this looked like a movie set. We then took the subway shuttle to Times Sq and wandered down Broadway to Macy's. A couple of ice creams later we considered going up the Empire State Building but the queue was too long. One gaming shop and one comic store later we wearily returned to the hotel.

Somewhere along the way we managed to pick up some books and some purple crocs. And now we rest.

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