gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Dinner at Frank's place

So we went out to eat around 8, checked out the posh mall at Columbus Circle but decided against. We wandered down 8th Ave and chilledchimp spotted an Italian restaurant up a sidestreet.

And that's how ended up at Patsy's, a superb old-style trattoria which turned out to be Frank Sinatra's favourite. I had Chicken Contadina, small pieces of meat on the bone in crispy batter, smoothered with garlic and salt, accompanyied by strrips of sweet red pepper and mushrooms. chilledchimp had boccatini amatriciana, a creamy tomato sauce with piquant basil and ham.

We probably didn't really have room for pudding but the trolley looked so fantastic that we ended up with tiramisu, sweet, creamy and surprisingly light (sppencerpine's compares favourably). A very pleasant end to a good day.

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