gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Genesis of a scenario

I'm running Trail of Cthulhu on Wednesday so need something to go on. I've posted to Yog-Sothoth and the guys have come up with some pretty decent suggestions, notably something from Unspeakable Oath 8/9.

However I always prefer to do my own thing and UO8/9 has got me thinking. I spent the weekend, not ten days ago, in a manor house built on the site of a medieval nunnery, out in the middle of nowhere. I've got photos of the house and there's just enough history about it on the internet.

It's the summer of 1931, six undergrads are down from Cambridge for the summer. They will be spending their time in a house belonging to Keith Rous, (future 5th Earl of Stradbroke). There will be fishing, hunting (deer are in season and rabbits always), walks, snooker, darts, visits to the seaside at Dunwich ...

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