gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Lacuna Matata

I couldn't resist. That's Swahili for Lacuna Complexities.

We're playing Lacuna at the moment. spencerpine is running it and I'm enjoying it very much. A lot of this is to do with the presentation of the game from not telling us what Static is, to using blank dice to roll up our backgrounds and the consistently generic nature of Blue City. We started in Hotel, moved onto Bar and last night I spent some time in Dive Bar. Unless we put effort into NPCs, they are Barman, Nurse and Taxi Driver. The nightmanager at the Bar was dressed like a nightmanager.

Causality is not consistent. Our target yesterday transformed into a monster because we pointed a gun at it. But it was the pointing of the gun that created the monster, not the target doing it itself.

The whole place is suffering from some kind of disease. There might be a war going on, or we might, by our very presence here, be causing some kind of degredation.

We don't even really know what Blue City is. We just know it's where we go when we're put under and that we have a target to eliminate. Control seems keen that we do our job without finding out too much about the place. Possibly because it's secret, possibly because investigating something causes it to happen.

One might view the background as detail poor, but, much like Esoterrorists, I see this as opportunity rich. simonjrogers has his character doing psychic feats, my character has started to develop a rather violent streak and possibly a drug habit. The whole thing is ripe with possibilities to explore strange interactions.

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