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Icon meme.

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Add you name to the comments and I'll find 5 icons of yours that need explaining.

Guerilla Roleplayer
Some French roleplayers got rather excited by the philosophical implications of SteveCon, my one day DIY roleplaying convention. One of them called me a guerilla roleplayer so I went ahead and made this image. The excitement passed.

Beetle Ride
I sent my Mum a copy of Excellent Prismatic Spray, the Dying Earth prozine, which contained an article of mine. She responsed by anonymously sending Pelgrane Press an illustrated page from a Wizard's journal. simonjrogers didn't understand what had been sent him but I recognised the style. I've now got the page and this is taken from it.

Give me rock or give me death
Diesel Sweeties, a web comic, has a character called Metal Steve, enemy of Indie Rock Pete. This is the image on his t-shirt. Interestingly enough, or perhaps not, I'm more an Indie fan whereas my brother Pete is much more into Metal.

This is from some medieval illumination. Bad priests were punished by making them into the arses of demon so shit would come of their mouths. It's an image I enjoy.

Hey, it's Frankenstein! How can he not be cool. It's Boris Karloff from the original film poster. Not only are old film posters to die for, but Boris comes from about 2 miles from where I now live.

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