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What do you eat?

Miller is a nutrionist. She's interested in what people eat at home and she's passing round a (self-selecting) survey. Here's what she says:

I am trying to do some research on what people cook and eat at home. Everyone has 3-5 fail-safe dishes that they cook at home on a regular basis. I wonder if you would remind replying with whatever your dishes are.

I am not looking for perfect nutritional balance, or showing off with steamed broccoli, but more everyday foods like shepherd's pie, lamb hot pot, roast chicken, pasta and sauce etc or whatever it is you actually eat. I want to find out from 1,000 people what is being eaten and cooked at home. Would you mind forwarding this on to five people and asking them to do the same so I can reach the 1,000 different people? (Any age, any continent)

If you could include other dishes you do, whether Starters, Side dishes or Puddings then I will be even more pathetically grateful.

I really appreciate your time, and hope you don't mind my asking.
Thank you.

Miller Rogers

If you put you answers here I'll post them to Miller.

Pot chicken. 1 chicken, preferably free range; 1 onion, 1 pepper, 4 rashers of good bacon. Fry onions, add sliced pepper, season with pepper, coriander, put the chicken on top and the bacon on the chicken. Cook in oven at 180 for a while.

Sausage Stew. Fry some onions. Chop some sausages up into thirds, fry with the onions. Add a pepper, any amount or kind of beans (pinto are good, black bean, haricot etc), season with pepper, chili, coriander. Add some kind of liquid (beer or cider are good but water is fine). Cover and stew until the beans go all mushy.

Rice pudding. 1 pt whole milk, 2ozs short grain rice, knob of butter, a dollop of honey, some raisons, maybe some cinnamon, a beaten egg if you feel like it. Cook in the oven at 180 for about 2 hours, stir after 30 minutes.

Cheese and ham toastie. Get some bread, preferably pre-sliced, 2 slices. Get some hard(ish) cheese and cover one slice of bread with cheese so that the cheese hangs over the edge. I like Red Leicester for this. Put some ham on the cheese, maybe some mustard, chili sauce or marmite. Cover with the other slice and put in your grill, sandwich maker, toaster until done both sides.

Veg Chile. Put some spices in a pan and heat them together. I use chocolate powder, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, pepper and smoked Hatch chiles which I've broken up into small pieces. Reserve. In the same pan heat some oil and butter. Fry a chopped onion until golden, add some garlic, tomatoes (not too much juice) and some beans. I prefer pinto beans. Add the juice of a lime and a chopped pepper. Stew until the beans are done. Add some chopped coriander. Serve with boiled rice or maybe some tortillas. Have some grated cheese on hand and even some soured cream if you're feeling special

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