gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

The Joy of Trains

This is just a moan. Feel free to ignore.

Yesterday the train from East Dulwich was delayed at various parts along the journey so it took me 35mins to get to London Bridge then another 15 to get to work. Total journey time, 50 mins.

Today I ran up the slope to get the 8:00 fast train. We were at London Bridge by 8:13. I went over to the platform for Charing Cross but just missed one. Then no trains for 30mins so I ran to the Cannon St line and just missed that one. So I walked to the bus stop by the bridge and got a bus to Monument and the tube to Embankment. Total journey time, 50 mins.

The normal journey time is 34 minutes so that's another 32 minutes I have to be at work to make up the difference.

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