gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,


The Age of Enchantment at Dulwich Art Gallery is not a large exhibition. In the four rooms there are around 120 pictures, the odd vase and a few pieces of furniture.

However in that short space it does take the visitor on a journey from the decadence of Beardsley through the dreaminess of Dulac, all the way to Kay Nielsen's orientalism. Rackham only plays a small part but you've already seen much of him already. And Beardsley, you've seen all of these before, but you've only seen prints, not the original pen and inks. Stunning.

It's not cheap, £8, but 2 for 1 offers are not hard to come by and it's certainly worth it.

The catalogue, with its cover of Dulac's Circe, all darkness and desire, at £25 fills in many of the blanks, provinding the story of the development of illustration.

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