gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

What ho.

I realised that I haven't posted anything new and exciting for about two weeks now and I'm not about to spoil that.

We had some time off work and did the usual end of year rituals involving relatives and friends.

New Year's Eve was good fun, playing Escape From Colditz with Graham and Liz. chilledchimp can't remember ever playing but I'm sure davidt3001 will set her right with his particular tale of woe. I was the German this time and managed to shoot two escapees and lock up countless others, mostly chilledchimp's little Dutch POWs. It's just such a well-paced and exciting game, like playing your own movie.

Last night we played A Need To Kill, spencerpine's truly excellent roleplaying game of Agatha Christie style murders. It was simonjrogers wot don it and no mistake. The game really pushes you into structuring just the right kind of disfunctional relationships that are the mainstay of the fiction. Although I'm not sure there was quite so much commie sex in the summerhouse or buttock branding in the original. And Alex had a 30s moustache specially for the occasion.

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