gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Are you ready for Terror At Night!

In 1947, New Avon published a collection of horror stories called Terror At Night. It contains two by James, an HPL, a Blackwood, a Bierce and a Dunsany. Here's the full contents page:
The Haunter of the Dark by HP Lovecraft
The Judge's House by B Stoker
The Interruption by WW Jacobs
The Black Courtyard by T Burke
The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster by HR Wakefield
The Second Generation by A Blackwood
The Phantom Bus by WE Backus
Change by A Machen
The Left Eye by HS Whitehead
A Watched of the Dead by A Bierce
The Two Bottles of Relish by Lord Dunsany
Lost Hearts by MR James
Caterpillars by EF Benson

So what manner of mind-bending cover went on this book?


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