gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Books wot I have read so far this year

Although the asthma/flu thing has given me more time at home, I've not really felt like doing much. I have managed to keep up with my writing but my reading has suffered a bit (and my work, well, let's not go there, I don't!).

So since Xmas, game books and graphic novels aside I've managed:

Last Call and Declare by Tim Powers.
You know what you get with Powers, ideas all over the place, cracking development, neat historical tie-in and a slightly disappointing denouement. Maybe he should keep a few ideas back. That said, heaps of good stuff, one set in Vegas poker games and the other in cold war British spy territory.

Secret Hours by Michael Cisco.
This is a largely Mythos inspired tome, some stories are a bit light, some he tries too hard but on the whole it's pretty enjoyable.

Farthing by Jo Walton
Alt History investigation of a murder in the pro-Hitler Farthing set after England has settled with the Nazis. An exploration of fascism from the point of view of a dippy posh bird and a gay detective. You know where it's going but the ride is enjoyable nonetheless and better paced possibly than Powers.

Malpertuis by Jean Ray
Archetypal French gothic novel of strange people trapped in a house by a will. Tres creepy. Stick with it, it all makes sense in the end.

The Weight of Number by Simon Ings
Not quite finished yet so it hasn't quite all come together yet. Ings used to write genre fiction Hothead and the City of the Iron Fish being two of my favourites, the latter in particular. Now he gets reviews in the Times. TWoN draws together the story of many people linked by a seeming nobody, there are astronauts, Mozambique's liberation, bomb plots, motel sex. It goes everywhere and, if you like a web of interconnected stories then you, like me, will enjoy this.

I also read some Cthulhu collections, Hardboiled and Frontier, but they were pretty poor on the whole.

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