gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Advice sought

It's rather trivial but I need some advice on a couple of issues.

I've saved all my Xmas and bonus money to blow on a Wii. They are now back in stock with a bewildering array of offers. Given that we'd like to play games together, what's the minimum we need by way of accessories and what's the best game? I'm thinking two sets of controllers and probably Sports and Mario Party 8. We like cute Japanese platform games like Spyro, Tombi and Ape Escape.

We've decided to join a DVD club. Amazon and Lovefilm are both £3.99, Tesco at £4.47 per month for 2 DVDs. All we really require is that the DVD fit through the letterbox. We don't want to sign for it. And enough choice which I imagine they all offer. Does anyone have any experience of this in the UK that means we should go with one rather than the other?

It's a hard life. I think the next thing we should consider is a cleaner, to take up the slack because we'll be spending all our free time playing on the Wii and watching DVDs.

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