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Hot War and Hotter Steve

This weekend I went to Paris for the 5th French SteveCon. It's an informal one day convention based around my London SteveCon model but organised by my friend Ben. I've been to four out of the five and never had anything less than a great time, although this one was more of a curate's egg.

After getting up at some stupid time of day and a short taxi ride to St Pancras, I was whisked across the Channel. I barely had time to write up the scenario for the day and catch an hour's sleep before arriving in a very sunny Paris. Only a few rugby fans had dared come that early so the streets were fairly quiet. I did the usual tour of bookshops in the 5ieme before meeting Ben for coffee and croissants. I handed over a goodie bag of DG: Eyes Only and the latest two Order of the Stick. He reciprocated with Patient 13, an French indie game from John Doe. I'm getting ever more impressed by the standard of product that this little company put out and this one is the best looking one so far. It's set in an Asylum. I haven't had time to read it but it's very well put together, clear typography, good art and a solid enough binding for an A5 paperback. It's quality stuff.

And then on to SteveCon. We start, as usual in La Fourmie Ailéé, a restaurant whose signature dish is half a duck roasted in a salt crust. It's good stuff but I didn't quite want that much to eat so I settled for roast pork with green beans. Then we gamed.

I ran Hot War, the sequel to Cold City. Instead of 50's Cold War Berlin, this is post real war 60's London. It was all going pretty well and then I came down with a serious case of food poisoning, fever, headache, hot sweats, nausea, the lot. I'm not sure it was the roast pork, the other guy who had it was fine but whatever it was, I had to spend the next 12 hours asleep at Ben's. So I didn't finish my game and Ben missed the second game too. He did just have enough time to wrap up his game of Scavengers before driving me home.

I don't really remember much else but I felt a lot better this morning. We went to a 2nd hand market in Auteuil where Ben picked up some really nice children's hardbacks of world tales. He's collecting the set and they really are quite stunning. Here's a link to Contes Baltes, Tales of the Baltic.

And now I'm home again.

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