gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Wrap me in cotton wool

It's been a bit of a catalogue of minor disasters this weekend.

On Friday we had a work awayday after which we went bowling. I managed to pull a 115 out in the last three frames and keep my record of never having bowled less than 100. But I hadn't bowled in 10 years and my wrist still aches.

On Saturday at SteveCon in Paris, as previously discussed, I got food poisoning which put paid to 15 out of the 29 hours I was in Paris, including 2/3rd of SteveCon.

On Sunday, Paula made some really good boiled bacon. I decided to reduce the stock but forgot about it. I was upstairs in the study and smelled smoke. Neither detector noticed it so it was a good thing I did. I managed to catch it before it burnt through the pan but I got a good lungfull or two of the smoke. My lungs still feel pretty raw now and I can still smell the smoke, even though I'm at work and have showered since.

I'm not sure I'm safe to be allowed out at the moment. That said, if things come in threes, a superstition to which I don't subscribe, I should be fine now.

Edit: Seems I'm still not safe. I just got in a lift on floor 1 and pressed 6. The numbers rolled round to 6 but the lift didn't go anywhere. In fact it dropped down about a foot. I managed to get out and get another lift but I'm not sure I should go near any critical systems at the moment. chilledchimp says it's because Mercury is retrograde.

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