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They've taken the word "gullible" out of the dictionary.

Yesterday we visited the Guildhall Library. This is mostly a labyrinthine 60's monstrosity stuck on to a medieval hall. On the other hand it does house the records for the City of London and its guilds stretching back to the 11th century. Were I doing any research for my GURPS Goblin game, this is where I'd come.

We were visiting it for another reason. Until the end of the month the Guildhall is hosting a small, but free, exhibition of Victorian entertainment posters. These are mostly text and advertise such wonders as "Pinkey the learned Goose", acrobats, trained animals (including a performing fish, i.e. a seal) and all manner of charlatanry (mermaids, flying womend, etc). This does prompt you to wonder whether people were more gullible but then I guess the Nigerian scam wouldn't work if they were. And at least there was some entertainment value. It's not as if people believe Spiderman is real, is it?


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