gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Omens and portents

I went into the bedroom to read a book, lay down on the bed and woke up three hours later. When I went to sleep the garden had been covered in snow but when I woke up it was sunny and all the snow had gone.

In the meantime I had this bizarre dream. I'd been given the afternoon off work and had gone down to where they were filming Mike Reid's Runaround. In fact Mike Reid died last year but they've just had the funeral of the character he played in Eastenders, a British soap. Runaround is a kids' show. They are asked a multiple choice question and are given two chances to runaround and stand in a circle representing the answer.

The show was being filmed in some kind of large tent out in Bromley. I went on the bus. When I got there I just walked into the tent and sat down near one of the circles. The back of the tent was open onto a field where all the children were waiting for the show to start. Inside the tent it was semi-dark. When the show started, the only other adult playing was a teacher.

Mike Reid sat with a drum kit against the wall of the tent. Above him they projected this short film clip about games played by blind children. These consisted of massive tables covered in various games. One was a golf game in which balls containing bells were flicked with rulers across golf course dioaramas. The question was something along the lines of "which game has got the measure of these children". The answer was B, the the golf. So Mike Reid playe his drums and everyone run around. I stayed in circle A. Then he played the drums again and I moved to circle B. Almost all the kids were down the other end in circles C and D. A few children and the teacher were in circle A. I was the only one in B. After the drumming stopped the teacher tried to sneak into my circle but was caught and made to go back.

As a prize they gave me this green glow in the dark stiff plastic pennant and asked if I wanted to compete for the top prize. I said I did and went with Mike Reid out the back of the tent into the field. They had another small tent set up which was sheltering a dart board. I had to throw this large dart at the board for a better prize. It was quite windy and the board kept falling over so they had to nail it down. Mike made me throw from further back than the children. It was quite hard to throw the dart because it got carried by the wind but I just managed to hit the board.

My prize was a cardboard box full of Halloween goodies. There were some sweets like wriggly worms and jelly spiders and some tricks and some plastic creepy things. Mike also put a mask on me that made it very hard to see. It was time for me to go home but I was finding difficult to get to the bus stop with this mask on. In fact they had taped it to my face. So I peeled the tape back and as I did I opened my eyes and woke up.

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