gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

All museumed out

Yesterday my mum, brother and niece all came to visit. We met them in that premium child magnet, the Natural HIstory Museum. This was Ema's first visit from France to the UK and although she doesn't really communicate in English she definitely enjoyed all there was to see from the animatronic T. Rex and Panda skeleton to the earthquake room in the Geology museum next door.

Mum and chilledchimp snuck out at one point to have a look at the new butterfly exhibion. You walk through a tent as hundreds of butterflies flap around, landing on you and doing their stuff. They also took the time to get do progrss report. I think I passed.

One mueseum not being enough we also got the last hour at the Science Museum. I chose to take them to the Launchpad area. This is the hands on area, full of all kinds of experiments for with magnets, sound, light, pulleys and levers. It's like Disneyland for science. Or rather "Science!"

There was also a demonstration of the three laws of motion which involved blowing up hydrogen ballons - you've got to fuel those rockets somehow. I covered myself in glory by beating the kids to punch and knowing who invented the cat flap.

Ema enjoyed it all so much that she wanted to go back today, "pour appuyer sur les boutons." She's a nice kid.

We had planned to go to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, although this is possibly more an adult nostalgia trip than something for kids, but I somehow abraded my retina in bed last night and spent the morning in casualty instead. It should be better in a couple of days but I do look a bit piratey at the momemt.

So Pete took Ema back to the Science Museum to do the other floors. I'm not sure he'll have any shoe leather left by this evening. chilledchimp and I spent 5 hours in there once and didn't see half of it. Still it was nice to see them all again, and possibly something we should do more often.

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