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Today was an excellent day. spencerpine, simonjrogers and I all toddled off to a trendy part of Shoreditch for Gamecamp. This was an event organised by the Guardian IT correspondent and sponsored by various large computer game companies (Sony provided the venue). There were about 100 of us, computer game creators, journalists and roleplayers, all with interests in games, brought together to discuss, well, whatever we wanted.

From 11 in the morning to 6 in the evening, 45 minute slots were available for people to do pretty much whatever they wanted. So between getting my best ever score on Wii bowling (265) and eating brownies, I hosted a talk on morality in gaming, played Poison'd with Graham, attended Simon's eye-opener for the console gamers, proving that there was life beyond D&D in the tabletop world and saw the game cut-scene dragged out behind the latrines and summarily shot. We talked about religion, women in gaming, why table top is still a long way ahead of computers and what we can bring to the party.

This was just a very small part of everything that happened, there were a good 40 or so individual eventlets with much chatting between.

I think many people were genuinely surprised to find out not just that there is such a thing as indie gaming, but that gaming didn't just disappear in the 80s. The best bit was possibly in the pub afterwards when one of the women who had played Poison'd came up to Graham, cluthching the copy of the game he'd given her and said she was off to her regular scrabble game but she's try to get them to pirates instead. Excellent!

There are some photographs here. Simon is in a few, Graham in one, James Wallis in another. Others are here and there's a round-up of the day from Bobbie, whose idea it was, here.

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