gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

I am an achiever

I felt like a twelve year old today. It was 'A'-chievers day at the college where I'm doing creative writing. This meant that the head had to come along and talk about reaching for goals and achieving to a load of well-educated middle class people who are really only doing it for fun. Adult education is hardly ever where you find those who could benefit from it most.

That said it was quite fun.

Sandwiched between the beginners and intermediate tap demonstrations - not only intermediate tap better but they dress better too, I read my short story Quietly Efficient about a lawn mower that goes to the bad. I got applause, twice, as did everyone else. I was also thanked for having the gumption to read to an audience. I hadn't realised it was supposed to be a chore. Lucy also read her piece about Clapham Common which was equally uncritically appreciated, but it's a good piece and deserving of plaudits. And Julie, our teacher, fortified by the odd plastic cup of wine, looked pretty happy, and so she should be. I think she's been excellent.

More class again on Wednesday, possibly some poetry and then we have a week off for half-term.

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