gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Quo vadis, Domenech?

It seems to be pretty much the end of the road for the current French squad. Although they ran out of luck against Italy, conceeding two lucky goals, they'd long since run out of ideas. Ribery tried to fill the gap left by Zidane but was not helped by a rather static midfield and an outnumbered attack. Toulalan only started to play football once the cause was lost but perhaps there is hope for him yet. At the back Abidal was found lacking and Thuram has lost it. Deschamps is waiting in the wings to take over and get them back on the right path for the world cup. I'm assuming that Wenger will take over one day but he's still got unfinished business at Arsenal.

In other news, I was in the bank today and required a sum of money to be split into two parts, one and eight ninths. The women behind the desk looked aghast, "Oh no! How are we going to do that?!"
"Stand back," I replied, "I know Maths." Or should have had I thought about it. Instead I just pointed at her calculator and was rather more polite, "Perhaps we can use that."

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