gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Stross, I'm gunning for you!

I had a partial success last night at creative writing. We're doing longer pieces now. For the next few weeks in each class three people read out a piece of around 1,500 words for commentary. I decided to write some SF. Only simonjrogers and I could be described as SF readers and I have very different tastes from Julie our teacher. She likes Atonement, I couldn't stand it. I dared to say Midsummer Night's Dream went on a bit. Julie says she has never read any SF that she has liked, she couldn't get near Philip K Dick for example (but loves the stylistically similar Hemingway).

So I set myself the challenge of writing a whole short SF story in 1,500 words that Julie would like. It partially worked in as much as she did enjoy what I'd written but not completely as she didn't really understand it. This is partly to do with the fact that she hasn't read it and it's a very dense text but also partly because I'm still not signposting plot or development clearly enough. I'm going to email it to her for a proper critique and we'll see how that goes.

It was a bit funny. Because it was SF and most of the class don't read SF, they assumed it was far weirder than it actually was. They were seeing alien take overs and the like whereas it was a much more simple tale of all too human revenge.

I guess I'll post it when I've tarted it up (and perhaps increased the signposting).

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