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More Continuum

The Kult of Keepers having disbanded, they're weren't so many tabletop games this time round and it was harder to find something to do. I did notice that GUMSHOE had a bit of an outing, MCB is being played tomorrow morning. There were quite a few indies games on show too. 3:16 and DRYH to name a couple.

We mostly larped:
- Evil High Priest. The LARP of Cthulhu grandees. I was Al Hazared and suitably evil. I went round making a nuisance of myself and generally showing people who was boss. I supported my patron deity Tsathoggua and The Silver Twilight Lodge and generally disrupted other people's plans. In the end our side won and I survived the cleansing. Nobody liked me much, but they did fear me, which was good. The game was too long though. After about 3 1/2 hours I'd pretty much done anything I was going to achieve and I sat down for much of the next 90 minutes. I also ignored the fact that at the start of the game I wasn't supposed to be able to interact with anything. Getting a body was nigh impossible and I couldn't do anything without one.

- Diamond Geezers. Somebody had offed our boss. We need to punish the guilty and divvy up the loot. Actually we just stood around and talked about it for 100 minutes. I didn't really have a good reason to shoot anyone and no one died. I was feeling lousy so didn't really feel like shouting bang a lot. Perhaps if I'd felt better I would have.

I had planned to run Phew, Pugh! the sequel to Trumpton Riots. As it turned out I ran it twice and they were still people who wanted to play. Both games turned out very differently but both were a laugh and the players seemed to have a good time.

I also ran my Trail of Cthulhu adventure that is the start of a world-spanning campaign. I hadn't planned to run it at all but it just happened to be in the same folder as my Trumpton stuff. I didn't have the rules with me but I did have 3 or 4 blank character sheets. We didn't have a game on Saturday morning so I thought I might as well give it another outingthis being the third. It seemed to go well again. I may need to put in a lot more information on London in the 30s. I can wing this stuff until the cows come home but I don't suppose it's the same for most of the punters.

There was plenty of after hours chat and the odd game of fluxx too (is there any other kind?). So generally a successful con although I ended up doing more work than I'd planned.

Also, it seems that half the UK gamers I know are off to Gen Con US this year, which isn't much of a vote of confidence for Gen Con UK.

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