gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

The Good Reverend

The Reverend Horton Heat were back in town tonight and so were we. pond823 was there and Christina (as a glam Rosie the Riveter).

Support was from Nashville Pussy who whined when their equipment broke, had a go at the venue and didn't really rock my boat musically. Sort of 80s heavy metal. "Go, Muthafucka, Go!" was their best track.

The Reverend started in the same way they have at most of their gigs, 400 bucks was played so I was happy. And then came the weirdness. They did some cover songs each from a different era. First up was serf rock, that is Greensleeves. Next was Rock the Joint followed by King of the Road. Then it got really surreal with Paranoid, and In Bloom, wrapped round the less surprising Rock This Town. Later on the singer of the Pussy joined in for a cracking cover of Ace of Spades.

A hundred minutes of rock/swing/rockabilly/madrigal excellence.

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