gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Gen Con - the loot

Hereś everything I picked up at this yearś con. Itś a lot less than previous, mostly due to my arrangement with IPR.

Flames Rising I was their guest at the Ennies and they gave me a big tote bag of stuff: a mug, a poster, pens, Tales of the Seven Dog Society (horror fiction), Darklore Manor (horror music from Nox Arcana). Excellent!

Cthulhu Encyclopaedia the new edition from the incomparable Dan Harms.

Beowulf Joshua AC Newmanś new game, with the full text of the poem.

It´s Complicated Elizabeth Shoemaker´s fun little game of relationships. The demo was fun and I´m looking forwards to a full game.

Where The Deep Ones Are and Tour de Lovecraft, two new books from Ken Hite. The second is his review of all HPL´s stories (with blurb by Tim Powers) and the first a pastiched of Maurice Sendak. Must have for all HPL or Hite fans.

Candlewick Manor and Curriculum of Conspiracy, two supplements for Monsters and other childish Things bought for Ben, as was Reign Year I, the latter signed by Greg Stolze.

Sage of the Rat King I got the last copy of this Gen COn special from Goodman Games, an AD&D adventure supplement.

Darkpages, Jared Ssssssorensen´s ashcan of the game I played two years ago. I´ve enjoyed the fiction and I´m looking forward to the new rules.

Final Flight, a new Pagan Publishsing scenario. Nuff said.

Sweet Agatha, Kev Allen´s incredible looking (full colour glossy printing $13!) game of interactive literature.

That´s it for this year although I´ll be picking up a few other things on my return to the UK, not least of which the leather covered Trail of Cthulhu and boxninja´s game of the con, 3:16.

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