gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,


Beware the NomNom, my son, the jaws that bite the hat that impresses.

So, yeah, it's great. The cell stage is just fun swimming around the primordial soup trying not to get eaten. The creature stage is like a fist person eat-em-up. My first creature was a veggie which was OK. You danced at stuff to make friends but my second creature is a carnivore and then hunting of prey is much more like it. It got pretty noisy when I had a large pack and we jumped some poor little bunny thing.

And I'm getting the hang of the Tribe stage. It's a much gentler introduction to real-time strategy than many games so I don't feel like it's too much hard work at the moment. The brave NomNoms have conquered a couple of local tribes and allied another two. They even took down a 1,000pt wild monster that was eating their herds. I was so proud.

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