gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Those Gaming tours.

So what are the UK equivalents?

Phil Masters doing a Cambridge walk, dinner at King's College and a game of GURPS Discworld.

James Wallis giving a tour of Piccadilly, dinner at the Reform Club and a game of Baron Munchausen.

Marcus Rowland giving a tour of the Science Museum, dinner at the Dana Centre* and a game of Forgotten Futures.

David Chart giving a tour of Fountains Abbey, dinner in the Shambles followed by a game of Ars Magica.

Lucya Szachnowski giving a tour of the British Museum, dinner at Rules followed by a game of Call of Cthulhu.

I'd do a tour of Highgate Cemetery, dinner at the the House of Magic and a game from the Book of Unremitting Horror.

*I saw Richard Wiseman do a Victorian séance here (with Jane Goldman in attendance), and a talk about curios of the Science Museum including a Violet Ray machine and many stuffed penises. Top stuff indeed!

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