gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Interest Grab

Grabbed from pond823, take every nth interest in your profile and say why. n is meant to be 10, 7 , 5, or 1 but I used INT(7+rand()*2-rand()*2) in Excel.

I got:
It's the whole stupid mix of human sacrifice, mad religion, mummies, lost pyramids ... How can you not just love this, even if it's wrong?
I like my high to be milky with almonds, preferably Cote d'Or.
evil dead
This is the last film, well ED3 anyway I saw with my brother when we were visiting the town where we grew up. We saw it in the first cinema we ever went to on our own. We had been told to go and see The Shadow about Hand Christian Anderson but went to see Escape to Witch Mountain Instead. Synchronicity! Oh yeah, and it's a helluva cool series of films too.
He's big, red and clobbers mythological creatures. What more could you want? Also it's a pretty neat roleplaying game.
jack vance
"I suffer from a spiritual malaise which manifests itself in outbursts of vicious rage." How can you not get off on that? "A doomed man needs no such elegant footwear", wonderful. Vance is the master of quixotic fantasy.
Everything is better with monkeys. I salute our evolutionary cousins.
Duh! What I mostly do.
The Pope of drinks. Infallable.
He's just this guy you know. Mostly philosophers can't write for tuppence but at least Witti had the good grace to keep his meanderings short. He did say this "Wovon mann nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß mann schweigen." (If you can't say anything about it, shut up!) proving that Germans do have a sense of humour. And he also advanced the private language argument as a counter to cartesian dualism. We do live in society after all. Nifty!

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