gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Phillies in Five

Well, I was right that the Phillies had some big hitters that the Rays had to be wary of. But I was wrong about the Rays' ability to handle them. It was close but they didn't really hustle enough, the pitching was not quite tight enough and the big hitters came through.

They just couldn't do to the Phillies what they did to the Sox.

Still, an impressive season for a cheap team who won the hardest division in baseball. Can they do it two years on the trot? Or will the Yankees and the Sox just outspend them? I think the Rays might find the final disappointment harder to get over than they hope but it's still hard to call next season.

Oh well, it's back to hoping that the Bears can make the Superbowl again. They don't really have the talent but their division is not very strong and all you need is two good games after that.

Why the Bears and the Sox? Well, when I first saw American football, Chicago were the happening team and when I first went to America, Fenway is the first baseball stadium I saw. Sitting back beyond the fens, the art galleries and big houses, up against the turnpike.

And even though I've not been inside, it seemed big and green and exciting. One day I may even get to see them play. I wonder if they're in Baltimore next August? Go Sox!

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