gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Lectures in London

There are always loads of free or at least inexpensive lectures on in London. I imagine, at least I hope, it's the same in Your City™.

Here's a selection:
Magical Beliefs and the Two Cerebral Hemispheres
Psychoactive Plants and Psychic People: Does Psilocybin Really Cause Psi?
The Borley Rectory Companion
Montague Summers: Occultist, Catholic, Witch-Hater
Universe or Multiverse?
Lost Londoners
Medicine and magic in Babylon
Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie on Lost Girls
Jeremy Isaacs on the Cold War
The Mummy, the film, shown at the Petrie Museum of Egyptology (Nov 27th, dodgy link though)

And here's an mp3 of Neil Gaiman talking about the Ramayana from the British Library.

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