August 2nd, 2004

Tea-drinker par excellence

Still sweltering

The aircon at work is not working and it gets up into the high seventies during the day. Add to that the humidity of around 100% and you can guess that I'm not shifting as much work as I'd like to. At least at home I can sit around in shorts and little else when I'm working on my latest Page XX adventure.

And even then it's not easy. I wish I found writing more interesting, or at least more consistently interesting. Running the damn games is easy, it's writing the things down afterwards that's the drag. Why do people want stat blocks? Can't they just make it up as they go along, like kids do. You should approach roleplaying the way a young child does, didn't Jesus say something like that?

Still, back to the writing. Sometimes it's easy and other times I can't even start. I find making a plan helps, but I've never been very good at finishing thin


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