November 9th, 2005

Tea-drinker par excellence

Mystic Moo tells it how it is

Mystic Moo predicts the past:

Shoggoth 22 May - 21 June
As predicted in January, Shoggoths are having a rather subdued year. Your ruling planet, which is so damn freaky we astrologers haven't actually named it yet, is lurking somewhere at the edge of the Milky Way and, quite frankly, it can stay there. Take time for introspection this month. Look at your life and how you can make it more fulfilling. Shoggoths can be their own worst enemies at times, especially those times when they menace other life forms and threaten the destruction of life as we know it. This doesn't make you sympathetic characters. Think about how you could turn your life around; maybe take up voluntary work, get a puppy, that kind of thing.

I'm now responsible for updates so hopefully Mystic Moo will be predicting the future again soon.