November 24th, 2005

Tea-drinker par excellence

Plotinium in its purest state, and other matters.

The brave and possibly overzealous* PCs hit a rich vein of plotinium last night. So far they've been chasing vague clues around the countryside, running down chaos where they meet it, following up red-herrings and gaining awareness of someone pulling the strings, the mysterious Casius.

In yesterday's installment, they finally found, in a desolate graveyard, evidence that Casius was the grandparent of Lady Aradia, the other PC (who was a home writing the Billy Bunter LARP for Dragonmeet). Apparently he'd walked out of his grave about 15 years previously.

In a previous SF game, there was a substance that enhanced psi-powers that was mined on our PCs' home asteroid that became known, in game, as plotinium. If any turned up you could be sure that something significant was going to happen. Fortunately in my game last night, mentions of plotinium were held off until after the session.

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