December 4th, 2005

Tea-drinker par excellence

Dragonmeet is too short

I never have enough time at Dragonmeet to do everything I want to. I get to see friends rarely seen for about 20 seconds each, I hardly ever get to play any of the 65 games on offer as a player and I've been to one panel in 5 years. I did get to the auction for the first time ever and bought both the Game in a Day offerings for silly money.

In the morning I did once round the trade hall with my French friend Ben before we both went off to games. Him to play 361(?) some indie game about which I know nothing and me to run Paula's Billy Bunter LARP. We were shy a few players, possibly because LARPers sleep later than anyone else, or possibly because we were the first of three LARPs. In any case this didn't seem to matter much and people seemed to have a jolly good time.

My contribution was to cane miscreants and occasionally be tricked by duplicitous schoolboys, notably the thoroughly rotten Snoop and Skinner (played by lucyas and spencerpine. karohemd has some photos (of course!) on his journal, notably a great one of Chris as Billy Bunter who has just eaten some very spicy gravy.

I created a new system for this LARP as Paula thought the one for Gamers' Wives (limited power uses boosted by presence on a Hot List) would be too heavy for the Bunter game. This time players had 3 tokens and could inflict things on others for the price of a token. They could gain tokens by submitting to other players or by being caned. It seemed to work pretty well and hardly needed any GM intervention (which is always one of my goals in a LARP system). With some clearer explanation it could be something we use more often.

My other main duty was to run the game of cavalorn's from the Book of Unremitting Horror for which the PCs are further down this journal. This too seemed to go pretty well and sales were made on the back of it. Pretty much everyone got into character quickly and were happy to participate. Highlights for me were the PCs' reactions on encountering the horror for the first time, the stoner being convinced that it was only a fox, and the debacle when the big bad was encountered. Final score: two dead PCs and several very scared ones going home to hide under the duvet. Sorted!