April 5th, 2006

Guerilla Roleplayer

Channeling a deep current

We were obviously channeling something deep when we played My Life with Jesus:

15. Jesus wants to walk on water so he asks Mary to arrange some stepping stones. She gets David to raid Pontius’ ice-house. Judas rows Jesus out into the lake with Mary who drops the ice overboard as they go. Jesus then walks across the stepping stones and back to the shore.(Villainy succeeded SL+1)

because Boing Boing now has this:

An oceanographer suggests that Jesus could have walked not on liquid water but rather on an isolated patch of floating ice on the surface.

I wonder if our run of My Life with Tony will come true in which Norman Tebbit at the helm of Lady Thatcher's funeral barge rammed the Marginal Labour pleasure cruise and sunk them to the bottom of the Thames?