May 14th, 2006

Give me rock or give me death

Sick as a Parrot, Over the Moon

So much for being a Benevolent Creator, I wasn't able to deliver the Marlon Harewood hatrick nor the clean sheet for JD. But it was the best Cup Final ever. It was strange that all three West Ham goals were flukes and Liverpool's all incidents of great skill but that was because West Ham's best efforts were kept out by incredible saves from Reina, not to mention the penalties. So whilst West Ham had the upper hand on effort, gutsiness and constructive play, Liverpool won it for the sheer brilliance of two of their players.

Were it not for my mental block about betting on the opposition, I would have put £10 on Gerard on the Sporting Index. It was buy at 17 with 25 points per goal and for man of the match. His final score was 75 giving odds of 58-1!

However, I did somehow manage to conjure a repeat of one of those gigs that I reviewed 11 years ago. Paula was idly flicking through teletext whilst unable to sleep on Thursday night and found a gig with the following line up Zimmerframes, Sonar Nation and Done Lying Down. So last night Paula and I tripped up to the Bull & Gate, even mising Dr Who - mind you the BBC repeat it about six times a week and endlessly advertise through TV and the Radio Times new episodes, sticker albums, blow-up daleks, cyberman shaped pasta in tomato sauce, David Tenant hair pieces and the "Rose" shade of lip gloss.

Zimmerframes whose kit everyone is using tonight are on pretty good form. A decade of gigging around Bournemouth has made them more rocking and they deliver a really tight fun set. Sonar Nation on the other hand have lost some of their intensity and sheer volume of layered levels of noise. Now that you can hear what they're singing and the drummer hardly sings at all, it's suddenly less interesting. And the sax at the end of the set - well enough said I think. The crowd had really thinned at this point as many people had come up from the coast to support the 'Frames but they all come back with much pogoing for Done Lying Down.

Done Lying Down. From the first it is apparent that they are as tight as ever. We get all the old favourites, Columbus Day, Imaginary Woman, Divorcee, Dissent, Just a Misdemeanour, Blatant Nirvana Ripoff, ... Except for the last, all their songs still stand on their merit and are a good and fresh today as they were back then. But even Jack acknowledges that BNR was only relevant when it was written.

They all look a bit older except for the drummer who, with his floppy hair, looks as if he may have been 12 last time we saw them. This is their first gig in 10 years so it's pretty incredible that they can put on such a show. At first Jack's voice can't reach the high notes anymore and Glenn seems trouble hitting any notes at all but as the set progresses they improve and Paula didn't seem to think it was a problem anyway. And it wasn't, it was just great to see them again. True to form they don't play an encore but reappear to have a fight on stage before bouncing off again. Classic.