July 24th, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence


You scored as VIII - Strength. Strength is not just physical strength, it also means emotional and spiritual strength. It is the Strength to do what you know is right in the face of opposition. Strength to defy convention and authority. Stength does not have to be used directly. It can be inner strength that supports one in the face of attacks on what they hold dear. The person of Strength remains true to their beliefs. In a Tarot reading, this card can indicate overcoming of obstacles and refusal to be beaten down. If badly aspected this card can indicate loss of faith, failure of Will.


VIII - Strength


II - The High Priestess


XIII: Death


XIX: The Sun


XVI: The Tower


0 - The Fool


XI: Justice


X - Wheel of Fortune


IV - The Emperor


I - Magician


III - The Empress


XV: The Devil


VI: The Lovers


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Busy busy

On Friday morning I went to the Doctor's and found out that I have asthma. This is actually very good news! I have this semi-persistant cold which is probably the result of virus triggered asthma. I also have a very high lung capacity (almost twice Paula's for example) which means that I don't wheeze or get out of breath much. I just get viruses that never get better. So I'm on ventolin and we'll see what happens.

It doesn't help that I'm hyper-sensitive to ventolin, I get the shakes and my teeth chatter, and sometime my fingers ache, but after 4 days of it, I seem to be feeling the side-effects less.

On Saturday, I got up at 4am to go to Paris for SteveCon Paris IV. I didn't have to leave quite so early, except it was much cheaper that way. It would be even cheaper if I could buy my tickets in France but the Eurostar website doesn't allow that. This seems like a restriction of trade so maybe I should write to someone. I imagine that the basic price is the same but that the special offers are different, making always cheaper in France. Antonius, a Greek living in Brussels also came on Eurostar for €68. It cost me £99.

I had some time to go shopping on the Left Bank and picked up an interesting book called "La Rue dans le Moyen Age". It doesn't quite seem to have the rigour that I'd expect from a history book but it's interesting nonetheless.

Stevecon took place at the usual venues La Fourmie Ailée and le Mayflower. The first is a small restaurant whose signature dish is canard a la croute de sel. This is half a duck in a very salty pastry crust. I haven't had it yet but maybe next time. The food is excellent though and the massive pear sorbet went down very well. They also do apfel strudel with cepes, apparently it's not bad although our Greek conventioner didn't notice the cepes at all.

I ran a vanilla game of My Life with Master which seemed to work pretty well. To reinforce the bureaucratic nature of the master, Graf von Ordnung, I wrote all the orders on little paper slips with boxes for pass/fail and a mark out of 20. It seemed to work pretty well, even with newbie (to MLwM) players although Antonius didn't make it easy for me by writing his character sheet in Greek (more than human is superanthropos, less than hypoanthropos).

Antonius is translating Steve Darlington's History of Roleplaying into Greek. This is quite hard because they're aren't many Greek roleplayers and they haven't really developed a vocabulary. It's even harder for the theory because metagaming means something quite different to them.

In the evening, Eric ran the first ever session of his new game. There are 4 archetypal characters, the seducer, the master, the apprentice and the guide and a GM. We chose a pulp search for Eldorado as a setting. Each turn players add a new detail to their character and the GM does the same to the scenario sheet he has. Then after each, sheets rotate left. The dice mechanic is pretty and good and although there are some kinks to be ironed out, it's a nifty little storytelling game.

Ben and I were quite tired so we left the others who felt they needed another game and went back to Ben's place to chat with Nathalie his wife and watch a new French show, Kamelott. Ben got the DVD too. It's about 100 shorts about King Arthur, the breton version, very knowing, self-referential and very very funny.

Yesterday, I did pretty much nothing except come home and sleep.