August 31st, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence


Josh Newman has started a discussion list for stories around the themes of Shock, his game of Social Science fiction. I started to write a story there but then realised that it's not really the type of thing he's after. It's a bit too fluffy and not so much about the human condition. So I've posted it here instead. It's pure nostalgia for me.

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Tea-drinker par excellence

Next time, this!

It's seven times larger than the Grand Canyon and 30% deeper, and until last month I'd never heard of it. That's because Copper Canyon's in Mexico.

The Smithsonian run a train trip through it that looks incredible, and coincides with Paula's birthday next year. She might blanche however at me spending quite so much (around £4K including flights) but then 42 is special.

For those Inspector Morse fans out there, there's always this one.